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I’ve been disillusioned with the direction most social networks have taken. So one day I asked myself 'what if I made my own social network'?

I decided to take it on as a fun project and a challenge: making a whole app from the ground up. This meant doing everything – design, coding, both front and back end, setting up user registrations, and getting it all online.

I had very limited experience with the back-end so I opted for a no-code BaaS platform: Supabase. I used Nuxt3, a frameework that I know well, to build the UNKB client, with Pinia for state management, and vanilla CSS for styling. In between I built an API taking advantage of Nuxt3's ability to allow server-side only code.

I plan to release a closed beta of UNKB soon.

UNKB dark mode screenshot
UNKB light mode screenshot